People wear sunglasses has three objectives: protection from ultraviolet damage to the eyes,Oakleys Sale cataract patients rely on glasses to reduce the visible light damage to the eyes; reduce infrared fundus damage to people's eye crystal.Oakley athletes tested in the sun, in 1975, to create your own unique, original sunglasses sports sunglasses.Non-professional understanding of this deep understanding of the lens material, particularly in relation to the major brands of sunglasses lens material, little familiar.Oakley sunglasses is not just women's fashion, they have many different styles and designs, suitable for a wide variety of crowd.Oakley sunglasses to protect your vision, by the sun. Equally important is that you know the shadow of it, your eyes can be duly protected.

There are two basic ways to see the color of.Oakleys For Sale An object itself can emit light of a certain frequency, another object reflecting a certain frequency or frequencies of light, and absorb light of other frequencies, these wave mixing a color of light perceived.Yellow make color perception a little distortion, and therefore the kind of color sunglasses for those who need to accurately identify the color of the activities.If the products meet the requirements on the logo for motorcycle riders, the driver and other special requirements of consumers on the safety performance is a good choice.Some people, regardless of time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, regardless of sunlight intensity, doing so would increase the burden on the eyes, causing eye muscle tension, blurred vision, severe dizziness will appear, not as long as the other symptoms .To learn to understand the product identification is not all sunglasses have anti-UV, a sunglasses meet the basic requirements of the standard, and can only say that block the light at the same time not through more ultraviolet light.

1937, U.S. Dr. DR.EdwinLand according to the polarizing principle, the invention of a polarized lenses, used to make sunglasses, camera lens filter and other scientific purposes,Sale Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Dr. thus fame, along with the creation of Polaroid (Polaroid).Polarized sunglasses can block the uncomfortable glare while protecting eyes from UV damage.PC double bonded to the polarizing lens, good flexibility, light weight, after the baking heat generated only 4-8 degrees (the ordinary polarizing lens 9-15 degrees).Replacement lenses twin-screw assembly, to effectively consolidate lens 2, strict distortion test, to ensure that the toughness and stability of the frame near the use of high-definition optical technology, so the object appears sharp and clear.Oakley sunglasses have produced a gesture of good quality fashion experts, and all the different Oakley sunglasses including an incredibly good quality and a glorious feeling.

For these people have a strong desire, his / her first Oakley sunglasses sales to perform their "fashion statement" and individualism.Cataracts, can lead to long-term experience in the ultraviolet to pay attention to conceal perspective, the short and long term damage, such as snow blindness contact lens opacities, the ultraviolet radiation of the eye, if the depth is completely high.Adjustment and maintenance of your fashion-conscious women vigilance, you can find equipment manufacturing company engaged in the women's clothing market trends, is an ideal complement.Can not deny the reality of the market equipment and items for women is much higher than the men's accessories market.Oakley sunglasses is the most appropriate choice! Oakley glasses store, especially the discount may be your choice. To select your favorite, you will not regret it!

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